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Hurt’s So Good: Krapp’s Last Tape, Reviewed

The word with which Samuel Beckett once referred to the title character of his 1958 one-act Krapp’s Last Tape—wizened—does not begin to describe the spectacular parade of fissures and topographic formations that is the face of the actor John Hurt. He’s always looked like his name is a caption: John, hurt.
At 71, he’s come [...]

WSC Avant Bard’s Happy Days, Reviewed

You can’t talk about Happy Days, Samuel Beckett’s 50-year-old Rubik’s Cube of a play, without talking about The Mound. Enter a theater where its performance is imminent, and a giant anthill immediately floods your vision.
"Expanse of scorched grass rising centre to low mound" is how the playwright renders it in his famously clipped prose. "Gentle slopes down [...]

Washington Shakespeare Company Is Now…WSC Avant Bard?

For about a second earlier this year, I started evaluating local theater troupes' season announcements. Not shockingly, this didn't prove very interesting, and I stopped the project almost immediately. But today, finally, comes a season roll-out worthy of deeper investigation.
This season, the arty Arlington-based Washington Shakespeare Company is staging Happy Days by Samuel Beckett; The [...]