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Listen: Trio OOO, Days To Be Told

On its latest album, "freedom" for free-jazz trio Trio OOO is relative.

Alas, The Doldrums Begin: Jazz Setlist, July 31-August 6

Yes, it's that slow period in August when the jazz scene dries up to a trickle. And yet, every desert has its oases; here are a few of ours.
Friday, August 1
There's some room for debate on the overlap between jazz and "creative music." The latter is more of a catch-all term for music that combines [...]

DC Jazz Festival, Night 10: OOO Trio/Darius Jones

You've been hearing about it for weeks, if not months, festivalgoers: CapitalBop Jazz Loft, DC Jazz Festival Edition.
For some time, members of the D.C. jazz scene have been pushing for an avant-garde component to the city’s major annual event; the organizers demurred, with reasons varying from “it’s not D.C.’s style,” to guesses that it’s simply [...]

D.C. Jazz Loft: Wow

It wasn't in a high-profile venue—just a small artists' studio, tucked away in Mount Vernon Square—but last night's D.C. Jazz Loft was the showcase that the local jazz scene has needed for years.
Presented by CapitalBop (which is to say: Giovanni Russonello and Luke Stewart, the site's staff), the Jazz Loft was an evening-long concert featuring five [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Chinese Underground, Improv Blowout at Bossa

Tonight at the Velvet Lounge. a rare opportunity to catch two artists active in the Beijing underground experimental music scene: P.K. 14 and Xiao He. Active since 1997, though with only one original member in the current lineup, P.K. 14 is one of the most influential bands in that scene and plays an energetic brand [...]