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‘We’re All In This Together': Route 29 Revue @ Merriweather

When Levon Helm and The Band hosted a five-hour send-off concert in 1976, it was a musical event of mythic proportions. The Band and its guests—among them Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Joni Mitchell—were torchbearers of the American folk revival. And though it might be overly dramatic to say the movement “ended” with The Last [...]

Album Review: Around the Well by Iron and Wine

In seven short years, Iron and Wine's songs have evolved from single-cell lullabies to prog-folk ecosystems. Sam Beam's last album, The Shepherd's Dog, was full of high-intensity mosaics layered with click-clack percussion, electric guitars, voice filters, etc. His newest fans probably wouldn't recognize the guy plucking deliberately on The Creek Drank the Cradle, The Sea [...]