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Photos: Bloody Panda & Salome @ The Red and the Black

Bloody Panda and Salome brought deafening volume levels to The Red and the Black's tiny performance space last Thursday night. Bloody Panda (pictured above) is a six-piece from New York City, signed to the brilliant Profound Lore Records, whose recorded output is an intriguingly unconventional mix of glacial riffs and ethereal vocals. Their live show [...]

Misery Index and More: Doom & Grind at Rock & Roll Hotel Tonight

If you're a metal fan, check out tonight's show on H Street, which features three local-ish bands of varying stature in Misery Index, Drugs of Faith and Salome, plus Phoenix grindcore band Landmine Marathon. Should be an interesting mix of slow & heavy (Salome) and fast & brutal (everyone else). This show is a prelude [...]

Photos: D.C. Stoner Doom @ 9:30 Club, Saturday

This show was billed as "3 Generations of D.C. Stoner Doom," which was a nice marketing gimmick and a pretty cool way to introduce old fans of Scott Weinrich's various bands to a couple newer bands. If Wino (above) was the first generation, I'm solidly of the third, and as such I was at this [...]

Stoner Rock Legend Scott Weinrich at the 9:30 Tomorrow

Maryland-based guitarist Scott "Wino" Weinrich is credited as one of the most influential figures in stoner rock and doom metal, having been on the scene for three decades and heading up bands like The Obsessed and Saint Vitus. He's back with a solo album and a new band, as far as I can tell simply [...]

Music 2008: My Year in Concerts

You haven't had enough of the lists yet, have you? Good. Here's one more quick one: my list of favorite shows of the year, mostly in D.C. but also ranging north to Baltimore and south to Charlottesville (links all lead to photos):

St. Vincent at Rock & Roll Hotel, February 26
Nels Cline Singers at the [...]

Music 2008: Alienate Your Friends

Where 2007 was my love-affair year with free jazz, 2008 saw my affections turn to extreme metal in all its varied forms. The sad departure of Transparent Productions meant a dearth of interesting avant-garde jazz in the District, and I replaced concertgoing expeditions to Sangha (RIP) and Twins Jazz with rather different expeditions to places [...]