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This Week In Reviews

Klimek on The Magic Tree, Gittell on Truth, and more

ToDo ToDay: Spin at Signature! DC Loves Dilla!

Once. Ghost. Kinky Boots.Adapting movies into musicals is pretty much a meme on Broadway these days. Tonight, Arlington’s Signature Theatre continues the trend, but instead of hopping on the bandwagon, the creative team is jumping on a plane to Seoul. The new musical Spin is based on the hit Korean film Speedy Scandal and produced in collaboration [...]

More Thoughts on the Wammies Nomination Process and Omissions

My editor suggested in a post yesterday on the Wammies awards ceremony that I might want to add my two cents regarding this year's nominees, and he’s right.  The slate of nominees for the 25th anniversary Wammies contains a familiar ratio of impressive choices, mind-boggling omissions, and troubling mistakes (2008-formed Baltimore band Mama's Black Sheep as “New [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 12

There's a lotta curse words this week, which can only mean one thing: the curatorial potency of Far Out vs. Hot Dang is at its ZENITH. Until next week, when we'll come back and drop some more D.C. knowledge on you.

Blonde Redhead, Pantha du Prince at the 9:30 club
Doom metal becomes sexy, and not necessarily [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Ayn Rand v. Norman Rockwell, Richard and Mary, Shortstack

Arin Greenwood leads this week's dead-tree art section with her tour of the Smithsonian's current Norman Rockwell exhibit with an art critic who also happens to be a disciple of Ayn Rand. Brandon Wu talks to a Northern Virginia doom-metal trio that's making national waves, Salome. In film, Tricia Olszewski reviews Due Date and Monsters, and [...]

For Northern Virginia Metal Band Salome, Not All Hope Lies in Doom

Doom metal—that slow, sludgy, Black Sabbath-influenced brand of extreme metal—is nothing new to the D.C. area. Two of the originators of the genre—Saint Vitus and Pentagram —hail from Maryland and Virginia, respectively. Scott “Wino” Weinrich, who joined Saint Vitus in 1986 and is responsible for other major stoner and doom metal icons like The Obsessed [...]

Endorsed: All Our Noise’s Very Watchable SXSW Wrap-Up

It's true: This year's South by Southwest feels like it ended 48 months ago. I already briefly pondered the South by Southwest postmortem, which is surely its own codified form by now. It's several weeks later, but the content bomb that All Our Noise just dropped—which includes over a dozen videos the site's Denman C. [...]

Photos: Jucifer and Salome @ Black Cat

Excessive volume was the name of the game at the Black Cat backstage on Monday night, where an impressive crowd gathered for a few hours of eardrum abuse courtesy of Jucifer and Salome. The two bands were wrapping up a minitour together, and they certainly went out with a bang.
More photos after the jump and [...]

At CMJ, No Fast Track to Fame, but Plenty of IRLing

Salome, one of the few metal bands that performed at this year's CMJ.
For D.C. bands, the takeaway from CMJ seems to have been this: It will not pluck you from obscurity, but it can't hurt. Also: Don't believe the hype.
"The myth that you can land the perfect agent or manager at a place like that—I don’t think [...]

Salome, Batillus and Hull Kick Off September Tour Tonight

That's three pretty kick-ass doom metal bands, all in one place. We've spilled a fair amount of digital ink about NoVA's Salome (pictured above); today they start their first-ever proper tour, a few weeks after releasing the big news that they have been signed to the excellent experimental metal label Profound Lore (also home to [...]