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ToDo ToDay: James Iha! Rushdie Talks Fatwa!

Billy Corgan may have been the undisputed brains behind The Smashing Pumpkins, but James Iha, the band’s laconic second guitarist, was its squishy, lovelorn heart: Every few EPs, Iha got to present one of his own songs, almost all of them straightforward romantic foils to Corgan’s expressionistic angst anthems. Since the Pumpkins’ initial breakup in [...]

Maximum India’s Final Three Days

While most of the Maximum India festival's remaining ticketed performances are sold-out (except for the Ishara Puppet Theatre and some film screenings), there are some free events this weekend worth investigating.  Tonight, if you can't get tickets on Craigslist for Sunny Jain & Red Baraat (an outfit that blends bhangra with go-go, soca, and jazz), you can catch [...]