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Arts Roundup: Lavender and Cats! Edition

Even better than the line about bidets in Sally Quinn's remembrance of her friend Nora Ephron is this: "Lavender and cats! I had never liked either one — who knew they were going to be the next hot things?" [Post]
The only thing worse is Air Sex. [Brightest Young Things]
Chompie is back! [DCist]
Reviews of the National [...]

Arts Roundup: Petri Dish Edition

Top o' the morning to you, readers.

Vanity Fair's got a scathing profile of Sally Quinn, formerly of that other paper in Washington. In sum: she's a social-climbing, husband-stealing, self-important she-wolf who used the power of the pen to air her dirty laundry and rip presidents she didn't feel were sufficiently receptive to her overtures. [...]

Speaking of Reenactments…

When you're done watching City Desk's fantastic retelling of WaPo executive editor Marcus Brauchli's meeting with Sally Quinn to discuss the print death of her "The Party" Column, check out this, in which annoying party rappers LMFAO reenact member Sky Blu's recent scuffle with Mitt Romney on a plane leaving Vancouver. It's true: LMFAO is [...]