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Photos: Ryan Adams @ 9:30 Club

A guitar hero in a Batman T-shirt.

Arts Roundup: Alive Edition

Breaking: One post down, Ryan Little debunks reports of Black Cat Bill's death. Read, please, and be careful with your tweets in the future.
No, Don't Sing. Just Destroy the Sweater: On WaPo's Arts Post blog, Maura Judkis looks at that recent ironic holiday trend, the Ugly Sweater Party. Whose to blame for this fauxhemian meme? [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: A Musicianless Nutcracker, Penny Starr vs. the Smithsonian, D.C. Emo Returns

Mike Paarlberg is on the cover this week with his close examination of the Washington Ballet's current production of The Nutcracker, which contains exactly zero live musicians. He's also got a review—guess why the production suffers?
Kriston Capps leads the arts section with a look at Penny Starr, the pseudo-journalist who ignited the current controversy over a [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Most Legit METAL Roundup’ Edition

Morning folks! I found my wallet. It was in a drawer.
Being married to Mandy Moore has been in my regular rotation of fantasies since age 15, but apparently it makes Ryan Adams want to scream. The erstwhile alt-country singer-songwriter has announced that he's completed a metal record. As proof, Stereogum has this self-portrait of Adams [...]

New Music: Aaron Thompson’s Vals/Bethany Lane/Icarus

This won't seem like high praise to some of you, but the latest EP from Sockets Records' Aaron Thompson gives me serious flashbacks of Ryan Adams—not Ryan Adams the raffish alt-country singer, or Ryan Adams the ill-conceived retro rocker. I'm thinking of the one who sang Love Is Hell, an underappreciated paean to heartbreak and mopey '80 guitar pop. Now, granted, [...]