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Reviewed: Rush

In Ron Howard’s Rush, Chris Hemsworth is the charismatic feel-gooder who, with his shining eyes and swoony smile, will fill the seats playing 1970s British Formula 1 racing legend James Hunt. The lesser-known Daniel Brühl, as Hunt’s Austrian rival/frenemy Niki Lauda, goes head-to-head, both fictionally and professionally, with the actor best known to audiences as [...]

Thomas Erik’s Melancholy

I listened to the five tracks that comprise Phantom on the Horizon over 40 times (some tracks more than others) during the process of reviewing the Fall of Troy's new album for the dead-tree version of City Paper. As a result, I can sort of hum at least one guitar riff, which you can listen [...]

You Will Choose Freewill

The worst thing that's happened to me in months is the Amazon MP3 store, which every day has a "daily deal" that leads to internal dialogs like this:
Hey! Supertramp's Breakfast in America for only $2.99! I should totally get that!
Wait–you sing along with Supertramp on the radio, but there's probably a reason you don't own [...]