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Alison Baitz Debuts Her “Delightfully Pointless” Zine, On Flora

When Alison Baitz started working on her new zine, On Flora, she may have been a little out of her depth. She bought props on a whim, wasted $100 taking photos with disposable cameras (none of which came out), and set overly ambitious goals for how fast her product would sell. “I think I was a [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Make-Up and Disgusting Food

Any rockist who's slouched cross-armed in the vicinity of a D.C. stage over the last decade understands that, for a time, The Make-Up was D.C.'s finest live (non-go go) act. These days, frontman Ian Svenonius occupies himself with the increasingly great Chain & the Gang, but this spring he got the old band back together for an [...]

ToDo ToDay: Runcible Spoon!

The forthcoming issue from local food zine Runcible Spoon is swimsuit-themed. Hardy-har, Runcible Spoon. I see what you did there, with your recipes designed to pack on the pounds (a guide to D.C.’s best buffets, a recipe for lard pie). The ironic take on summer publications fits: The zine’s name references Edward Lear, the English poet behind [...]