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ToDo ToDay: Jill Townsley! Columbia Heights Day!

Plenty of artists would cringe if the word “workmanlike” were used to describe their output, but Jill Townsley embraces it. In an exhibit appropriately titled “TOIL,” Townsley creates her art by painstakingly repeating humble processes like scribbling. That’s not a new idea—artists from Cy Twombly to Linn Meyers have tried it. But Townsley takes to [...]

Ghanaian Hip-Hop! Royal Drummers! Your Week in African Music

This is one of those weeks when it's tough to be a fan of African music: There's so much good stuff going on, it's impossible to take advantage of all of it.
Tonight, Ghanaian rapper Blitz the Ambassador is at National Geographic. Now based in New York, this wordy old-school influenced rapper—born Samuel Bazawule—came to the United States to [...]