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DC Jazz Festival: Opening Opener

Just because an artist is second on the bill doesn't make he's fluff or filler. Nasar Abadey pummeled the drums, especially his rack toms, following fierce volleys from trumpeter J.S. Williams, alto saxophonist Joe Ford, and pianist Allyn Johnson while playing Wayne Shorter's "Free Fall" last night at the Hamilton. Jabari Exum (percussion) and James [...]

D.C. Jazz Festival: Opening Day

Ah, that magical time of year when D.C.'s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of jazz. Which, for the next 12 days, will be everywhere, in greater diversity and density than ever before. Yes, the D.C. Jazz Festival is determinedly getting better and better every year; it remains to be seen whether this year's incarnation, which [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 17-23: The “Recipe”

Thursday, May 17
Perhaps the best quote ever given on the "recipe" for jazz came from legendary saxophonist Dexter Gordon. "Jazz is an octopus," he said. "It takes what it can use." That's the attitude that you hear in the music going all the way back to the New Orleans "second line" that forms jazz's foundation: [...]

Jazz Setlist, February 16-22: Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival

That's right, folks, it's time once again for the Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. The Paul Carr-driven heir to the late East Coast Jazz Festival is now in its third year, and like any great annual event it's both growing and getting better with each iteration. Hence, while there are a few scattered jazz events going on [...]

Jazz Setlist, October 13-19: Snap-Crackle-Bop

Friday, October 14
They don't call him "Snap-Crackle" 'cause he loves Rice Krispies. Roy Haynes got his nickname for his startlingly sharp attack on the drums, with a special zeal on the snare (snap) and ride cymbal (crackle). The distinctive sound has netted Roy one of the most eye-popping musical resumes you'll ever see. He had [...]