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Jazz Setlist, May 22-28: Arrival Day

Thursday, May 22
Herman Sonny Blount, whom posterity does and always will know as Sun Ra, was born 100 years ago this day in Birmingham, Ala. Of course, if you know anything about Sun Ra, you know that even that story is not so simply told. Ra claimed to be a native not of Alabama, but [...]

Bohemian Caverns and Tap & Parlour to Reopen This Week

Six weeks after being forced to close when a car rammed into its building on 11th Street NW, Bohemian Caverns and its associated restaurant, Tap & Parlour, will reopen this week.
"There've been a lot of delays" in getting repairs completed, says co-owner and booker Omrao Brown—many of the delays unavoidable, because of the specialized nature [...]

DC Jazz Festival: What to See Tonight

It's always a joy to see Ron Carter, the most recorded bassist in jazz history and surely the greatest one living. That's why, anytime he plays D.C., he will always be one of my picks. But under the current circumstances, it's significant, perhaps overshadowing, that he brings his Golden Striker Trio. The original incarnation of [...]

ToDo ToDay: Jazz Meets the Classics, Danzig

Jazz treatments of classical music have been a tradition since the days of Jelly Roll Morton. Still, it’s not so common to see a jazz band headlining a concert of works by the giants of the European conservatory. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Rachmaninov, and Tchaikovsky all get the swing treatment in “Jazz Meets the Classics,” the [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 19-25: Ron’s Back

If, by chance, you're not going to the Mary Lou Williams Women in Jazz Festival this weekend, well that's just crazy talk there's plenty of other great music to keep you on your toes:
Thursday, May 19
Some observers will tell you they can't understand why the younger generation isn't chomping at the bit to completely ditch [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 1-7: Big Bad Bassists and More

Thursday, April 1
Yes, there is and will be an entry for Ron Carter in this column for every appearance he makes in town—he's earned it. Carter has been the most important bassist in jazz for nearly all of the 50-plus years he's been a part of it, including, of course, his work for Miles Davis' [...]