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Jazz Setlist, December 19-25: Oh, Christmas Tree-o

Thursday, December 19
Jazz drummer starts band to play Christmas songs. You'd think that was all the summary you needed for Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O, perhaps adding a mention of Wilson's clowning on the bandstand. But, no. Wilson does skew silly in his persona, and the Christmas Tree-O does have a certain affection for the kitsch [...]

Jazz Setlist, March 14-20: Party with Jack

Saturday, March 16
Jack DeJohnette is coming off a big year. He turned 70, released a fascinating worldbeat-influenced album (Sound Travels)—and, oh yes, he received the NEA Jazz Masters Fellowship, the highest honor that America bestows on its jazz musicians. The latter is especially impressive for the man whose breakthrough came with his work on Bitches [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Perfection at the Atlas

"Perfect" is a word you usually want to avoid in music reviews. That goes double for reviews of concerts, and triple for jazz concerts. As Artie Shaw (among others) observed, musicians who don't make mistakes aren't playing at the edge of their ability; they're not taking chances.
One could never accuse the Rodney Richardson Trio of [...]

DC Jazz Festival: Rodney Richardson’s Swan Song

Jazz in Washington just won't be the same without Rodney Richardson. D.C. born and bred, he has been the scene's first-call guitarist for, well, all of recent memory. That will come as no surprise, considering the frequency and variety of settings in which he's appeared on District bandstands. And his sound! It's a woody, smoky [...]

Jazz Setlist, May 10-16: Smorgasbord

Friday, May 11
Iraq. Let's start with that word. There is probably no place in America where it's not an intensely politicized noun. And in D.C.? My God, forget it. And yet, paradoxically, that may make our fair city a crucial testing ground for the new music of Amir El-Saffar. The trumpeter was born in Chicago [...]

Jazz Setlist, January 5-11: Requiem for a Record Store

Honestly, folks, the best thing jazz fans can do this week is help the good people at Melody Records unload their inventory so they can walk away from their venerable store with something to show for it. Even when the city was flush with record retailers, Melody was far and away the best for jazz, [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 29-Oct. 5: Vibes on Both Sides

Friday, Sep. 30
With certain musical innovations, we can look back and can see it was just a matter of time before someone thought of that; others are so outside-the-box that they still startle us and make us say, "Wow. Where the hell did that come from?" Gary Burton's decision to beef up his vibraphone playing [...]

Sunday Jazz Lounge Ends

In preparing this week's Jazz Setlist, I dropped a line to guitarist Rodney Richardson, the co-leader and co-mastermind (with trumpeter Joe Herrera) behind Sunday Jazz Lounge at Twins Jazz. Since March, the weekly program presented Herrera and Richarson's quartet along with a solo opener, who usually later joined the quartet onstage. "Who's the soloist this [...]

Jazz Setlist: Gigantic

Friday, June 30
Janine Gilbert-Carter has a gigantic voice. There's no better word, and it must be written (and said) in italics: Gigantic. Moreover, it's overflowing with soul; let there be no question that Gilbert-Carter has her roots in gospel, having sung in the church since her childhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The intensity of [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 21-27: Natives Only

Thursday, April 21
A month shy of her 24th birthday, DC's Andrea Wood has a smallish, wiry frame that can't possibly contain the robust, supple voice she exhibits on her debut CD, Dhyana. Her range is uncanny: She's got flawless rhythm (in terms of the beat and the Portuguese syllables she enunciates) on the bossa tune [...]