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Arts Roundup: Pop the Corc Edition

It has come to this: The Corcoran to be dismantled, split up between National Gallery of Art and George Washington University. [Arts Desk, Post, New York Times]
A timeline of the Corcoran's woes [Post]
Tyler Green analyzes the Corc meltdown, saying it's been in the tea leaves since 2008. (Though some would argue it's been longer than [...]

Arts Roundup: Thoroughly Roasted Edition

Library of Congress debuts a new, massive "Songs of America" database. [In the Muse]
Even before its second season premieres, House of Cards gets a third season, and Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey talk about it. [Huffington Post]
Rhino Bar to host a Philip Seymour Hoffman retrospective. [DCist]
Local comics roast Dan Snyder; lots of tasteless jokes happen. [...]

Arts Roundup: Samuel Clemens Edition

Chris Brown expected back in D.C. court. [AP]
Pacman and Peso return from North Korea, talk about experiences. [Guardian]
Here are some of the ways Mark Twain spent his short time in D.C. [Jack Limpert]
Reflecting on Shudder to Think's non-single single [AV Club]
Cool Mars rover images to go on view at Air and Space Museum. [AP]
The Washington [...]

Adore, Reviewed

You know how young, handsome guys are always trying to bash each other’s faces in because they’re screwing the other guy’s mother? No? Well, such a soap-opera-ready love quadrangle is possible—and treated quite earnestly—in Adore, directed and co-adapted by Anne Fontaine (Coco Before Chanel). Perhaps you’re thinking that "adapted" is an awfully formal word to [...]

The Conspirator, Reviewed

How many Civil War stories are there left to be thrown on screen? Lots, probably, but good ones? The plot to assassinate Lincoln is an inviting premise, but a gripping version of the events immediately following the Civil War hasn’t been seen since, well, The Birth of a Nation.
Directed by Robert Redford from a script by [...]