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Record-Store Hunting (and Touring) With Kurt Vile

During the lull right before a show, straight off the highway and with time to kill in a new town, there are very few things a tired, traveling musician can muster up the energy for. Some rushed tourism, maybe, or a bite to eat.
And record stores. On previous tours, Philadelphia indie-rock troubadour Kurt Vile spent [...]

Jazz Setlist, Feb. 4 – 10: Wolf Trap Sandwich

Feb. 5
The temptation to compare Hiromi Uehara, aka Hiromi, to Lady Gaga is awfully strong. Not because of the music, but because they share a unique and ostentatious fashion sense that does much to define both their images. Unlike Gaga, though, Hiromi ultimately defines herself with her music. Jazz is unlikely to find a [...]