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Second Run: Why Local Filmmakers Are Miffed by Crystal Palmer’s Return to the D.C. Film Office

Crystal Palmer is a difficult woman to reach—it’s “pilot season,” after all. As the director of the District’s Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, she’s been booked solid all month: The city’s budgeting process hasn’t begun; aspiring TV productions are in town shooting their debut episodes in hopes of winning a prime time slot [...]

Why Can’t Ricky Gervais’ Pro-Atheism Film Attract Any Religious Protests?

What if I told you about a major motion picture that said God is a myth? That its main character, living in a world in which people are incapable of lying, soothes his dying mother by saying she’s about to leave this life for a better place, where she’ll have a mansion and see all [...]

Out Now: Rhythm Based Lovers Single

Rhythm Based Lovers, an alias of former Takoma Park resident and ex-Manhunter member Jason Letkiewicz, has just released a 7" single on DC-based record label Future Times.
A machine may not be able to love, but in Letkiewitz's hands it can at least be made to purvey cheap romance. Packed with lo-bit cowbell and [...]