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How to Listen to the New Thievery Corporation Album at Eric Hilton’s Bars

Let us stipulate up front that Saudade, the newest full-length by the D.C. production duo Thievery Corporation, is last-call music—an album to half-listen to after your fourth or fifth Vieux Carre as you weigh whether to hail an Uber or push on ’til daylight. Like every record by Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, it’s an [...]

Q&A: Thievery Corporation’s Rob Garza

Go ahead, call them chill-out. Deride them as background music. Thievery Corporation is having the last laugh. Now three nights into an epic sold out five-night stand at 930 Club it's quite apparent that if the group does indeed dwell in the slow-groovin' coffee shop of electronic music, well, it's a coffee shop that everybody [...]