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Aaron Goldman with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center, Reviewed

A star flutist is all well and good, but how many people would show up for two Stravinsky programs in a row?

This Week In WCP Arts: Good Night, Warehouse

This week's arts section opens with Jonathan L. Fischer's story on the Warehouse, a crucial venue for electronic and otherwise underground music in D.C., that was recently forced to shut down after a shooting. It's not clear whether there's another space can fill the niche Warehouse did—there aren't many places in this town you can [...]

Does D.C. Need Another Punk-Rock Documentary? Maybe.

No genre of music gets the documentary treatment more than punk rock. The seminal film Instrument followed Fugazi around for five years. This year's Bad Brains: A Band in D.C., which screened at the SilverDocs festival, did the same for HR and the rest of the guys. American Hardcore was more like a survey of punk, visiting different scenes [...]

The New Old Emo: Meet D.C.’s Monument

It takes about 62 seconds for Monument’s debut to announce itself as an emo record: at the moment when, after an intro of pastoral guitar plucking and feedback that seems to unravel even as it builds to a hissy climax, the song erupts with a messy, angular burst of noise. Then bassist Dan Doggett screams, [...]