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ToDo ToDay: Joseph Gordon-Levitt! DGS Delicatessen!

When Joseph Gordon-Levitt first hosted Saturday Night Live, his monologue was a performance of “Make ’Em Laugh.” He sang, danced, flipped, and generally beat himself up. Clearly, he is a showman, and he wants our attention. Fortunately, plenty of us are still willing to give him what he wants. Tonight, JGL stops by the Warner Theatre [...]

Banned In Iran: Where to Hear Persian Music In D.C. This Week

Iranian women singers are barred from performing in public in Iran. But this week in D.C., there are a few unique opportunities to hear Iranian women singers perform songs that straddle traditional Persian music and contemporary pop, among other far-flung influences.
First there's Mahsa Vahdat, who duets with American soul singer Mighty Sam McClain at the Atlas Performing Arts [...]