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ToDo ToDay: Benoit & Sergio! Todd Glass! Chelsea Wolfe!

Don’t hate Benoit & Sergio for making it look so easy: The two house-music makers radiate the kind of leisurely, I’m-on-a-boat, what-of-it? chill-bro ennui that might make working-class house practitioners tear off in search of even the lowest quality Trax Records 12-inch. But queue up Benoit & Sergio’s two fabulous recent EPs, A Bridge So [...]

This Week In WCP Arts: Good Night, Warehouse

This week's arts section opens with Jonathan L. Fischer's story on the Warehouse, a crucial venue for electronic and otherwise underground music in D.C., that was recently forced to shut down after a shooting. It's not clear whether there's another space can fill the niche Warehouse did—there aren't many places in this town you can [...]

Tonight: Riot Grrrl Meets Contemporary Classical Music at Hillyer

What do riot grrrl and classical music have in common? Not much, right? Local documentary film producers Meridian Hill Pictures seem to think otherwise. Tonight, they are hosting a paired screening of two short films: Grrrl Love and Revolution: Riot Grrrl NYC and R. Luke DuBois: Running out of Time, at the Hillyer Art Space, [...]

Arts Roundup: American Latino Museum Moves Forward

A Room Of One's Own: DCist reports that the planned Smithsonian American Latino Museum is closer to settling down on the National Mall. Tuesday, legislation was introduced in Congress that would permit the museum to move into the Arts and Industries Building, the second oldest Smithsonian museum downtown. Museum plans have been developing since the [...]

Why Riot-Grrrl Author Sara Marcus Digs Occupy Wall Street

Almost 20 years after it began, it seems like short-lived '90s phenomenon riot grrrl is making a comeback. Girls swap zines and feminist ideology via Etsy and Tumblr; fashion prodigy Tavi Gevinson recently launched the teenage-girl-geared website Rookie, where she posts themed mixes and drops tips on how to get over girl hate; hundreds of people [...]

Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour, Reviewed

Riot grrrl's in the middle of a cultural victory lap. In the past year alone, the early-'90s punk feminist movement has seen some noteworthy milestones: Sara Marcus published Girls to the Front, a terrific and meticulously documented history of the movement; NYU's Fales library opened the first comprehensive archive of riot grrrl zines; and Kathleen [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Hating Hegemony

The struggle began long before James Brown claimed it's a man's (man's man's) world, and the push for equality ain't over yet. For the women who get paid less than their male counterparts and for the girls who feel subjugated to the desires of the other gender, it gets frustrating, damn it. Punk rock made [...]

Clip Job: Five Second Acts for Riot Grrrl Veterans

Partyline (2005-present): Fascination with the riot grrrl movement burned brightly and briefly, but the members of Bratmobile—which formed in 1991—kept making music, on and off, until 2002. Sort-of based in D.C., Partyline isn't the first other project for singer Allison Wolfe, but it's had the most staying power. The band's name sort of reminds me [...]