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Riot Act Comedy Theater Co-Founder Sues Partners, Says He Was Forced Out

Something funny is going on at the soon-to-be-former Riot Act Comedy Theater, but it’s not a laughing matter.
When news broke last week that the Chinatown comedy club would be shutting its doors this weekend, General Manager Peter Bayne told Arts Desk it was a matter of finances. “The business model just hasn’t worked out financially [...]

The Seven Worst Jokes Told at Commedia Dell Media

It should probably not surprise you that the winner of last night's Commedia Dell Media—a benefit for literacy nonprofits featuring stand-up comedy from professional journalists—was the guy who did a Bill Clinton impression. For the most part, the comedians that earned the most laughs played to their crowd of national political reporters and other Beltway [...]

D.C. Record Fair Is Back on Feb. 12

The D.C. Record Fair, one of this blog's favorite semi-regular cultural events, is back in D.C. after a stop in Rosslyn in October. The next fair takes place Feb. 12 at Riot Act Comedy Theater in Chinatown. Entrance fee is $5 if you show up during the first hour (before things get picked over!), and [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Yeesh

Is there anything worth recommending tonight? Well, yes. But pickins are slim. Goethe-Institut has Egomania – Island Without Hope, a 1986 German melodrama in which a romance threatens to unravel a Baltic island's carefully cultivated bleakness. No seriously. $6:30 p.m. $4-$7.
And, I dunno, maybe you're feeling devious or weak-willed. Riot Act Comedy Theater has a [...]