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Arts Roundup: OK, So D.C. Does Kinda Suck Edition

Numbers Talk: Urban scholar Richard Florida has his say in the debate over whether D.C. is a good place for artists to make a living. He looks at the concentration and incomes of different types of artists in the D.C. region, New York, Philly, and Baltimore, and concludes that "D.C. seems like a not-so-great place for [...]

Arts Roundup: Long Weekend Edition

A Roundup in a Roundup!: Sunday's Washington Post offered up a whopping three local arts stories: Chris Richards' piece about Northern Virginia's globe-trotting seven-piece SOJA; DeNeen Brown on the Cathedral Choral Society; and Maura Judkis' slightly nauseating story on stage spitting.
Background Check: The Los Angeles Times looks at the CVs of the National American Latino Museum's [...]

Arts Roundup: Last Days of August Edition

Good morning, D.C.! I'm sure we're all ready to kick the August doldrums out the door, but this week's temperatures could set records. There might be a hurricane, too. All that on top of paying more to get around via WMATA—awesome, right?
If it makes you feel better, we're the third-brainiest city (according to the questionably prolific [...]