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Comparing Notes: Two Critics Confer on “Fermata,” Artisphere’s Aural Exhibition

In musical notation, a fermata is a symbol used to indicate when a note or rest should be sustained. It’s usually used over rest notes to indicate a grand pause. That’s not the imagery that most curators try to summon with summer exhibits.
But “Fermata,” an ambitious new exhibit on view through August 10 at Artisphere, [...]

Reviewed: Shamus Ian Fatzinger, Bridget Sue Lambert, and Richard Chartier at Civilian Art Projects

Shamus Ian Fatzinger found his artistic destiny in a forgotten cardboard box: dozens of scuffed and largely unprinted negatives, in both the standard 35 mm and cheap 110 format, documenting his young parents’ move west from New Jersey to New Mexico, chasing the dream of riches from uranium mining. It’s a 1970s working-class demimonde of [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Double Dagger

You can draw a nuanced line from Double Dagger’s atypical art punk to the fact that two-thirds of the Baltimore band runs a graphic-design studio known for its clean and witty inventions, but really, the first thing you need to know is this: Double Dagger’s visuals are fantastic. That they look like pasty everymen puts [...]

Data/Fields at Artisphere: A Celebration of Synesthesia

A tip for visitors to "Data/Fields," a new exhibit at Artisphere: The Mark Fell piece, "Tone Pattern Transactuality," does not respond to movement. I looked like a fool dancing in front of the projection screen in an attempt to change the pitch of the mosquito swarm buzzing through my headphones. The curator, Richard Chartier, gently [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 33

Far Out vs. Hot Dang has returned! This week it's violence and haters, nachos and asscheeks. Yes, it's so very D.C.

"The scene is repeatedly interrupted by what looks (and sounds) like tracer and artillery fire, which eventually shears the top off the pyramid."
Sean Bugg: "I think I need to head home and play Mortal Kombat. [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: WMUC, Joe Lally, Cyrano

Alex Baca leads off this week's arts section with her reflection on the state of University of Maryland student-run station WMUC—which she says ought to declare independence. Joe Warminsky reviews three strong albums from local labels: New Des Ark and Pygmy Lush LPs from Lovitt, and the latest Joe Lally record from Dischord. Chris Klimek [...]

Arts Roundup: The Friday Indie Rock Review Edition

Good morning! In what's totally a break from our usual coverage, there is a lot of local indie-rock news to discuss today! Such as: that new video right there. It's for "Siberian Eclipse," a song on Screen Vinyl Image's recent cassette on Fan Death records, which I think you should be excited about. It's out [...]

Free at the Hirshhorn Tonight: A Digital Composer Takes on Real Instruments

How did you spend your summer vacation? Minimalist composer Richard Chartier spent his in the basement of the Museum of American History. For three months, starting in June, Chartier recorded the "Grand Tonometer," a four-octave instrument built by German physicist Rudolf Koenig from 1870 to1875. Recording each of the instrument's 660 tuning forks from strike [...]