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ToDo ToDay: X, Jacco Gardner, and Tasty Stories

Los Angeles, X’s brilliant 1980 debut record, may earn a knee-jerk shout-out in any punk history lesson, but it’s far from outdated. Just relisten to the runaway train of an opener that is “Your Phone’s Off The Hook, but You’re Not” or the rockabilly crunch of “Johnny Hit and Run Pauline” and you’ll find that [...]

ToDo ToDay: Ital, Floor, and the High-Achieving Emanuel Brothers

Ital’s DJ work is good enough not to necessitate any live-show frills, but the man puts on an impressive footwork display. When he performed at DC9 in September, he stomped and slid like an aquaphobe caught in a rainstorm behind his table of gear. His shimmying showed a visible passion far more entertaining than [...]

ToDo ToDay: Duncan Trussell! Christo! Psychic Mirrors!

Comedians are philosophers, but few philosophers are comedians. Duncan Trussell, the stand-up and podcast host, is one of the few with the ability to analyze the human condition and make his humor rise to the realm of dharma. His podcast waxes on his foibles, fallibilities, and family problems—a recent episode featured his dying mother. But [...]

Arts Roundup: Hyattsville Edition

Hyattsville's Community Development Corporation puts out a call for street muralists [Hyattsville CDC]
Playwright Annie Baker (Body Awareness, Circle Mirror Transformation) talks about Vermont [Washingtonian]
Rorschach Theatre announces its next season [D.C. Theatre Scene]
This could be funny: Thursday-night comedy at RFD in Capitol Hill [Post]
Say goodbye to Christopher (Chip) Porter's regular column in Express. The Washington Post-owned [...]