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Blurb Watch: The Sicilian Girl May Be Fascinating, Thrilling, and Nail-Biting, Just Not “FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!”

I don't keep a tally, I admit, of how often our reviews get blurbed on movie posters—though I'd imagine the answer is "very, very occasionally." But I feel compelled to correct the record somewhat after seeing Washington City Paper's name adorning a poster at E Street Cinema* last night, beneath the words "FASCINATING, THRILLING, NAIL-BITING!"
Those [...]

This Week in Record Reviews: Arcade Fire and Bun B

We're a day late getting this online, and already, Arcade Fire's anticipated third album, The Suburbs, seems to have generated a long and full debate. Pitchfork is a fan; The Washington Post's Chris Richards is not. For the most part, the notices are enthusiastic.
Washington City Paper's Ramon Ramirez is less chipper, however. He says the [...]

This Week in Music: Citay’s Dream Get Together

Citay's third and newest album, Dream Get Together, marries two eras of dreamy, psychedelic rock—the early '70s and late '80s. More rock-fueled than the group's last release, Little Kingdom leaves no drum undrummed and no guitar unstrummed; the first track, "Careful With That Hat," containsa full seven minutes of jamming.
Though Citay began as a studio-only [...]

Reviewed: Spoon’s Transference and Four Tet’s There Is Love in You

Undoubtedly, two of the biggest names of the last decade's indie rock and electronica were Spoon and Four Tet. In this week's City Paper, our critics take a look at their new records and how each act is faring at the dawn of the 2010s.
Spoon's Transference leaves Marc Hirsh underwhelmed:
Transference is larded with bits and [...]