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On “Make My Day”

“When is he going to say ‘Make my day?’”
It’s late 1988, maybe early 1989, and I’m watching Dirty Harry for the first time, on VHS. Earlier, the trailer for The Dead Pool—the last of five Dirty Harry movies, notable mostly for an early appearance by Liam Neeson and for the sordid spectacle [...]

RATM Urge McCain to “Get the F*ck off tha Commode”

Shockapella report, RNC edition: Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello and Zack de la Rocha made a ruckus on Minnesota's capital lawn after the fuzz 86'd their planned appearance onstage. The shenanigans went down on Tuesday; videos thereof appeared yesterday on Above the Fold.
Watch below to see what happens when a couple of scalawags [...]