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Jazz Setlist, Jan. 28-Feb. 3: The Thaw

Thaw yourself out with some hot jazz this weekend.

Jazz Setlist, November 14-20: The Action’s in Bethesda

Friday, Nov. 15
You'd think the name of Omar Sosa's Afri-Lectric Sextet would tell you most of what you need to know about the band and its music, but the truth is that they defy easy categorization. The three-man front line comprises musicians from Germany (trumpeter Joo Kraus), Cuba (saxophonist Leandro Saint-Hill), and the United States [...]

Rosslyn Jazz: The Little Festival That Could

Something has happened to the Rosslyn Jazz Festival lately. Its 22 years of life have been dominated by middling selections—easy-listening singers, holdovers from the bigger festivals—and an “all headliner” lineup with sub-headliner offerings. It appears, though, that with the new decade the Rosslyn Business Improvement District (the festival’s longtime organizer) has been infiltrated by jazz-programmer [...]

Jazz Setlist, September 6-12: RIP Jerry Gordon

The holiday weekend prevented me from properly addressing the death last week of Jerry Gordon, a favorite local guitarist who was renowned for his lovely melodic imagination and mastery of the playing style first developed by Wes Montgomery. Gordon was a longtime area resident, having performed in D.C. for over 20 years, and was a [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Nobunny, Rene Marie, A Boy Called Dad

For the uninitiated, rabbit-masked frontman Justin Champlin might look like little more than a two-dollar Donnie Darko rehash with a guitar. But Gyllenhaal jokes aside, Chapman’s garage-punk project has garnered the kind of homegrown fandom that only comes with years of underground cassette releases, dozens of rotating bandmates, and a seriously strange live show. Among [...]

Jazz Setlist: Gigantic

Friday, June 30
Janine Gilbert-Carter has a gigantic voice. There's no better word, and it must be written (and said) in italics: Gigantic. Moreover, it's overflowing with soul; let there be no question that Gilbert-Carter has her roots in gospel, having sung in the church since her childhood in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. The intensity of [...]