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Jawbox Live on Jimmy Fallon

As promised, Jawbox reunited Tuesday night on Jimmy Fallon to perform "Savory," from its just reissued classic album For Your Own Special Sweetheart.
Just in case you missed it:

The band also performed the songs "FF=66" and "68" during rehearsal. Those videos after the jump:

Jawbox to Reunite on Late Night TV?

Jawbox hasn't played a show in years, but there's a chance you'll be able to catch the band in action soon. Well, so long as you can stay up late enough.
Sources close to the band say that Jawbox will reunite on a late-night TV show to coincide with the reissue of the band's third and [...]

Slumberland Announces 20th Anniversary Show @ Black Cat

Sweater rockers of the greater D.C. area, it's time to start knitting! Slumberland has just announced a 20th anniversary concert at Black Cat.
Way back in 1989, when DC was still more of an all-hardcore-all-the-time kind of place, Slumberland Records took a chance and pressed its first 7", What Kind of Heaven Do You Want, a [...]

Eternal Devotion

In 1995 my mother graciously agreed to take me to The Delta Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to see R.E.M. Sonic Youth opened this show, playing all twenty-minutes of "Diamond Sea" and a bunch of other stuff from its then-forthcoming album Washing Machine. That music was a big deal for me–it bridged the jam [...]

R.I.P. BMG Music Club

Looks like BMG Music Club has finally closed its doors to new members and is basically washed-up for good.
For those unfamiliar with BMG, when you signed up you got to pick 12 or so free CDs out of its catalog so long as you agreed to purchase one. This all played out over the [...]

Throwing Blowfish to the Wolves

Darius Rucker deserves some credit for being the first African American to top the country music charts in 20 years and his single, "Don't Think I Don't Think About It", has rightly drawn a fair amount of praise and recognition for the singer. Admittedly, as modern Nashville goes it ain't that bad. But as Rucker [...]

“Stipe-Syndrome” Considered

I really like Murmur. REM's 1983 debut full-length is no less than a stone classic–the band's single untouchable statement and it still stands up perfectly even after 25-years. Now that the album has been reissued as a double CD "Deluxe Edition" I own no fewer than three copies of it.
But I also recognize that Murmur [...]