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Arts Roundup: Oscar Speeches and Charlie Sheen Routine Edition

*Variety reports that the late Jeff Buckley's songs are being worked into a rock-musical version of Romeo and Juliet called The Last Goodbye, set to hit theaters later this year. No word yet on whether the little-known, sparsely covered "Hallelujah" will make an appearance.
*In preparation for the forthcoming Academy Awards, Total Film posts the top [...]

His Tour Is Overpriced and Underattended. His Ideas Aren’t His Own. So Why Does Perez Hilton Have a Record Label?

In July,  Rohin Guha, a writer for the pop culture site Black Book, noticed that the music tastes of America's top gossip blogger closely mirrored those of a UK music site: Perez Hilton had endorsed six different bands, none of them yet familiar to American listeners, immediately following endorsements by Peter Robinson, editor of  PopJustice. [...]