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Jason Hamacher, a Punk “Drummer With a Camera,” Is Now a Syrian-Art Preservationist

It’s spring’s first balmy Saturday evening, and the Convergence parking lot is packed. The Alexandria church and community arts center regularly hosts punk shows for neighborhood teens, but today, the reception area is filled with an incongruous combination of young church families, foreign dignitaries, and 30-something punks in Replacements T-shirts and full-sleeve tattoos. Meanwhile, the [...]

ToDo ToDay: “American Cool,” Jacolby Satterwhite, and a Free Show at American Art

Is there anything harder to define—but as easy to spot—as cool? The National Portrait Gallery gamely takes a crack at this ephemeral notion in a new show, “American Cool,” that opens today. The exhibit includes portraits of everyone from Miles Davis, Billie Holiday, and Elvis Presley to Joan Didion and Jay Z, captured at their most [...]

Hopping on the Bandwagon: D.C. Bands Get Brewed

D.C.’s hardcore scene was never known for its drinking songs. (Blame Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” for that.) But if the recent spate of D.C. band-inspired beers is any indication, this town’s punk and metal scenes are a brewmaster’s muse.
Blistering grindcore band Pig Destroyer got its very own beer in March, when Indiana’s metal-loving 3 Floyds [...]

ToDo ToDay: Smithsonian Folklife Festival

For the better part of five decades, the Smithsonian Folklife Festival has spotlighted musicians and craftspeople from specific corners of the globe. This year’s event features three themes—Campus and Community, Creativity and Crisis, and Citified—with no particular international focus. But it’s still worth braving the heat. During the day, visitors can check out the AIDS [...]

ToDo ToDay: What Would 20-Somethings Do?

It's kinda gray and rainy for a bar hop, but bear with me: Tonight's got the makings of a classic 20-something Ward 1 booze triangle. Here's how it goes: Start in Mount Pleasant at Marx Cafe, where DJ Mark Williams is hosting Soundclash, his long-going reggae and Jamaican oldies night. (No cover charge.) From there, [...]

Punk News: Regents Records Sweet Collabo for All About Friends Forever

Seattle punk fan Carrie Whitney was one of the countless diehards that decided to launch a zine back in the '90s. She called hers Point Furthest From The Middle. Then in 1997 she released a compilation of hardcore bands—many of them friends—in conjunction with the zine. She called it All About Friends, and it included [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Brazen Sax

Eighty-one years old and becoming exceedingly frail, Sonny Rollins still throws himself into his tenor saxophone onstage. It’s actually a little frightening to see a man of grandfatherly age thrusting head and shoulders down towards his horn with force that would cause back spasms in much younger men. Then again, listen to the sounds he’s [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Big Graffiti, Imagining Madoff, Wild Flag

Jonna McKone has this week's cover story with her look at the institutionalization of local graffiti culture via galleries, nonprofits, and even government programs—and what that means for the form itself. Bob Mondello leads this week's arts section with a review of Imagining Madoff—the long-delayed Deb Margolin play that generated a national controversy when one [...]

Ex-Frodus Band Regents Plays Black Cat Sunday

With former members of D.C. spazzcore band Frodus, Richmond, Va., screamo vets The Exploder, and Harrisonburg, Va., legends Maximillian Colby, Regents is bringing back the screamy post-hardcore you may or may not miss.
Fans of tightly executed, mathy, aggressive '90s punk should pick up Regents' new seven-inch on Lovitt Records, available this Sunday at the band's [...]