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Arts Roundup: Wale’s Issues Edition

Chris Richards' front-page Wale story burrows into the rapper's insecurity. [Post]
NPR debuts Beautiful Swimmers' forthcoming Son. [NPR]
Despite setbacks, AFI Docs was largely a success, Ann Hornaday reports. [Post]
Also: A review of Jose Antonio Vargas' immigration documentary Documented, which debuted recently at AFI Docs [Post]
The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities announces two more funding opportunities [...]

Date These (Somewhat) Eligible Record Critics!

"Who hasn't been on a disastrous date or two (or ten) in D.C.?" asks Holly E. Thomas today over at Refinery 29, a style and shopping website with an outpost dedicated to the District. In order to help singles navigate the treacherous local dating scene, Thomas interviewed some highly available bloggers—including the Washington Post's Chris [...]