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Arts Roundup: Boss In My Hugo Edition

Good morning, D.C.! Lots of butthurt fans on Twitter told me that the Redskins did worse (than usual?) last night, but this is an arts blog, and we cannot be bothered with such things here. Onward!
TBD has video demonstrating that Lynda Carter has a rack. Who? She's a Potomac, Md., resident. Also, she played Wonder [...]

Assign Me Up, Chuck
The only conceivable reasons to run a Chuck Brown feature in 2009

“Chuck Brown's Long Dance,” last Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine cover story about the godfather of D.C. go-go music, was an illustration of the importance of editing. Brown’s audience? “30- to 40-something African Americans.” Later we learn that his audience “is made up of mostly 30- and 40-something African Americans.” Brown’s prison stint? “Back then, Lorton [...]