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Red Weasel and Simon Jacobsen’s Early ’90s Moment

Earlier this summer, production company Media Boomtown released the DVD of Sweet Rock: The Red Weasel Story, a 35-minute documentary about a Salisbury, Md., band that was a small oasis of grunge-era good times on the Eastern Shore and whose members were familiar with D.C.'s late '80s/early '90s scene. Red Weasel's primary Washington connection eventually [...]

Red Weasel Lasted Long Enough to Inspire a Documentary

Raise your hand if you saw Red Weasel during the grunge years. Yeah, not too many of you did, but the not-quite-punk/not-quite-metal Eastern Shore band (Salisbury, Md., to be exact) apparently did play 'round D.C. back then. Like so many regional acts that formed on the long-haired, Butthole-y cusp of alt-rock's '90s breakout, Red Weasel [...]