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ToDo ToDay: Environmental Film Fest, Porkstrami, and Wooden Wand

Rivers aren’t the hottest environmental topic out there, but they’re unavoidable for most urban dwellers. So give it up for the Environmental Film Festival’s decision to program a strong, uh, flow of river-oriented films this year. Beside the old reliables (Amazon, Mississippi), some other big shots (Rhine, Mekong, Ganges) will have their moments, too. And, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sal Principato! Michelle Rhee! Vegetarian Dining!

Think you've never heard Liquid Liquid? Chances are, you have. The New York post-punk band recorded "Cavern," the funky track whose elements were later used—without permission—in The Furious Five's "White Lines (Don't Do It)." But to fans of New York's 1970s-'80s downtown music scene, Liquid Liquid represents more than that; the band was part of a [...]

Arts Roundup: Co-Opting Punk Music to Sell Meat Edition

Quick! Someone find a reason to be grumpy about this guy, who just wants to make D.C. commuters happy. [Post]
Clint Eastwood's Republican National Convention speech: Could it have been inspired by opera? [Post]
Red Apron Butchery is really into co-opting punk-rock album covers to promote their meat. [Prince of Petworth]
Local smooth-jazz musician Marcus Johnson now has a wine. [...]