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Arts Roundup: Potentially Real Pig’s Blood Edition

Patrick Pho dons a "Gangnam Style" outfit and walks around D.C.'s landmarks and the Metrorail system. [We Love D.C.]
The 2013 Washington Jewish Film Festival announces its lineup [WJFF]
Drunk dudes picking fights, bottles of Corona, and possibly real pig's blood: Metal Chris reports from Saturday's kinda-unpleasant-but-still-awesome-sounding-sounding black-metal show at El Caracol in Silver Spring, Md. [D.C. [...]

What D.C. Shops are Doing for Record Store Day

You should visit some local music shops this Saturday, the sixth annual Record Store Day. Then again, you probably should visit a record store every weekend.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves: Record Store Day began in 2007 as a celebration of brick-and-mortar shops hoping to inspire physical trips with exclusive limited releases. This year, there'll [...]

JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar Unnecessarily Cover “Waiting Room”

Count among the special releases for Record Store Day a cover of Fugazi's "Waiting Room" by Misfits Records artist JuiceheaD and Osaka Popstar (known properly as filmmaker and onetime Misfits collaborator John Cafiero).
From the press release: "'I reached out to Dischord (Fugazi’s label) about covering the song and eventually had the pleasure of speaking [...]

Record Store Day: Black Friday Edition Will Be Big(gish)

They say Black Friday’s reign is waning, eclipsed by the ascent of Cyber Monday. Yet Record Store Day, Black Friday edition, is still alive and well in the physical realm. Friday, indie record shops will unleash nearly 60 limited editions of recordings by dozens of legacy acts (like The Doors and Miles Davis) and contempo [...]

In Which Record Store Day 2011 Will Be Pretty Low-Key

It'd be too easy to copy and paste our coverage from last year of what local record labels said they'd be doing in celebration of the yearly Record Store Day, which falls this year on this coming Saturday, April 16.
In that post, we reported that while some D.C. record labels appreciate Record Store Day, they didn't [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: The Nobis, H Street: The Sitcom, Pentagram

Arin Greenwood leads the arts section this week with a profile of The Nobis, a Japanese electro-pop band that's restarting its career in D.C. post-tsunami. Mike Madden, Michael E. Grass, and I plot out the first season of H Street, an ill-advised sitcom that's allegedly in development. David Dunlap reviews the new record by Pentagram, a [...]

Record Store Day: Where to Go and What to Buy

For vinyl enthusiasts, Record Store Day might as well be Christmas. Sure, there's no jolly fat man in velvet slinging gifts, but there will be exclusive records of all shapes, sizes and varieties. So set those alarms, wake up at the crack of dawn, and get ready to spend money you don't have at one [...]

New for Record Store Day: I Need That Record! on DVD

Later this week, we'll have your comprehensive guide to what you can buy on Record Store Day and where. As far as I can tell, there isn't a lot of D.C.-related music to buy that day—Exit Clov has an exclusive 7-inch; Crooked Beat will be giving away some local stuff, if you get there early. [...]

Free Download: Exit Clov Covers Morrissey for Record Store Day

Undoubtedly, the D.C. independent record store has made something of a resurgence in recent years—even if conventional logic tells us that those brick-and-mortar shops are ultimately doomed. (Although there's some recent evidence that they may not be.)
So it's a bummer that for Record Store Day on April 17, some of D.C.'s indie labels have no [...]

As Record Store Day Approaches, What Can You Expect from D.C. Labels?

Not much, at least from the ones I've contacted. The annual event, in which geeks like me flood independent record stores across the country to pick up exclusive releases, takes place on April 17 this year. And some of the more notable indie labels, like Sub Pop and 4AD, have begun announcing what limited-press releases [...]