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Arts Roundup: ‘Kanye Ends the Recession’ Edition

Kanye West’s new album is officially out, and is reportedly maximal enough to move markets. WaPo’s Click Track offers a steady stream of Kanye stuff, and Best Westhoff offers his own take on My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy here on City Paper. The New York Times also spills some generous ink.
When John Updike died, not [...]

Going the Distance Cast Talks About the Economy, Ensembles, and Why Applegate Refused to Stare at Long’s Naked Ass

Forgive Going the Distance its dash-into-the-airport scene. Because — spoiler alert! — for a good chunk of this romantic comedy, things don't work out for Erin (Drew Barrymore) and Garrett (Justin Long), a couple who meets cute in New York six weeks before Erin is planning to move back to San Francisco. Jobs aren't landed, [...]

Commentary: Choral Arts Society Director Norman Scribner to Retire…Two Years from Today

Norman Scribner has directed the Choral Arts Society of Washington since 1965, the same year Nicolae Ceauşescu, Ferdinand Marcos, and Suharto came to power. He outlasted all three, but even music directors tire of absolute rule eventually.  And so several weeks ago, the Washington classical institution announced his retirement effective Aug. 31…2012.  In the meantime, [...]

Latest Casualty of the Recession: Joanna Newsom’s “Sprout and the Bean”

Solvent dignity is an unfortunate casualty of these hard knock economic times. This became pointedly obvious to me after a tiff (just short of scene-making) with an equally cash-strapped barista who overcharged me 25 cents–that's for bus fare, ma'am! So who can blame musicians like Cat Power and now Joanna Newsom for licensing tunes to [...]