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Faux Reals: On the Deconstruction, Mainstreaming, and Redeconstruction of Superheroes

“If you don’t recognize that criminals aren’t the enemy, the system is, you may as well get out now,” we’re told at the top of Gwydion Suilebhan’s Reals. A moment later, we’re chastened, “Superhero movies are bad for you.”
The pronouncement is part of an odd direct-address prologue—intoned by a masked woman in black lace and purple [...]

ToDo ToDay: Reals

Superheroes have identity issues. The caped crusaders in Gwydion Suilebhan’s play Reals, the world premiere that launches Theater Alliance’s 10th anniversary season tonight, are no exception. But Nightlife, Belt, and Sensei differ from Superman and Wonder Woman in one critical way: They don’t have any powers. Read more>>> (Sophia Bushong)
The play runs to Sept. 16 [...]