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You Should Be More Excited About This Upcoming D’Angelo Album

For something so quiet, D'Angelo's Voodoo has so much life in its 13 grooves. Over and over again, a warm truth resonates, fresh as ever: The Richmond-reared R&B maestro was born to do this, with drums and bass leading the way and everything else held firmly in check. In that sense, the record is primarily [...]

Extraordinary People: John Legend @ Merriweather

"Where do you get the balls to change your name from Gordon to 'Sting'?" asked the comedian Dana Carvey asked sometime in the mid-90's, when the musician's stage name was still viable stand-up fodder. One might ask the same of John Stephens, who changed his name to John Legend while he was still a small-time act in Chicago. To his credit, Legend's spent the intervening years slowly justifying his ambitious moniker, carving out a niche of the outskirts of pop R&B, not far from its borders with rock and big-band. He brought his horn section, dancing girls, and Clorox-white pants to Merriweather Friday.