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ToDo ToDay: Singularity! Hard Cider!

Nobody wants to die, but Ray Kurzweil really, really doesn’t want to die. The inventor takes 150 pills a day in his quest to live long enough to witness “the singularity” in 2045. By then, Kurzweil believes, technology will have advanced to such a degree that humans will be able to augment our brains and [...]

The Pragmatist – Three Songs For A Robot Apocalypse

It's coming. The exponential rate at which technological progress keeps happening, according to respected futurist Ray Kurzweil and his kin, points toward an impending Singularity, when artificial intelligence will suddenly exceed the capabilities of its human creators in wildly unpredictable ways. In other words, remember pre-gubernatorial Schwarzenegger? Turns out the underlying plot of Terminator (aside [...]