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This Week in WCP Arts: Howard Theatre, Listen Local First, chickfactor

Leading this week's Washington City Paper is sage advice from Ally Schweitzer and Michael J. West on how to not screw up the Howard Theatre, the newly restored historic venue that reopens this month. Also in the feature well, I have an essay in which I untangle the contradictions of supporting arts scenes simply because [...]

RAtheMC Frees OJ Simpson (Sorta)

Next Tuesday, DMV standout RAtheMC will drop her new mixtape, The Grace Jones Experiment, through her own International Tastemakers website. Released today, "OJ Simpson" is the mixtape's glossy first single, with blaring production and honest lyricism that's clever, if perhaps somewhat slanderous. ("I'm killin' bammas like I'm OJ," she rhymes over triumphant drums.)
Elsewhere, RA seems ready for [...]

It Takes a Village to Make a Mixtape

Javier Starks isn't a look-at-me rapper. He's nothing if not respectful, even referring to his male peers as "sir." And while Starks is energetic, he often keeps to himself in public, quietly reciting his own rhymes or studying the performances onstage.
Perhaps that humble demeanor made it easier to secure guest spots for his Faces of [...]

For Pro’Verb, The Wait is Over

After months of delays, DMV emcee Pro'Verb today released his While You're Waiting... mixtape, his first full-length project since 2008. The tape, a 14-track collection of mostly original work, also finds the young MC flexing his lyrical dexterity on "Exhibit P," a remake of Jay Electronica's monstrous "Exhibit C" from two years ago.
Elsewhere, he and [...]

J-Scrilla Releases Capitol Punishment

DJ J-Scrilla is no stranger to the mixtape concept, whether he's releasing his own compilations or promoting those from his peers. From the late '90s to the early aughts, Scrilla's tapes paired veteran MCs with lesser-known talent. "I want my tapes to be more like 'digs' for the listener, rather than a rack of joints they [...]

Reviewed: Victory Lap by RAtheMC

In August, Largo native RAtheMC released her energetic Heart Of A Champion album to significant local fanfare.
Not long before dropping the project, the fashionable lyricist inked a deal with the D.C.-based Studio43 imprint, whose roster boasts names like X.O., Gordo Brega, and AB the Producer. (Once upon a time, Wale was a Studio43 MC before signing [...]

Digging For Tweets

Mp3 blogs are teetering on the edge of irrelevance. Thanks to Twitter an artist can cut out that middleman completely and deliver new songs directly to fans and followers. From the studio to the tweets in just minutes. The DC hip hop community in particular has been taking great advantage of this approach. Here [...]