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Bitter Family Feud May Stamp Out Shows at Ras Restaurant & Lounge

In 2010, Elias Zeleke and his cousin Mesfin Gegziabhear opened Ras Restaurant & Lounge, an Ethiopian and Jamaican eatery and bar that seemed poised to fill a crucial niche in upper Petworth: It was a place to grab dinner and a few drinks, and stick around for a hip-hop, reggae, or raucous punk show. The idea from [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Uptown Friday Nights @ RAS Hall

I think one of the highest forms of service for an artist is to employ his/her talents for the benefit of community uplift and progressive good, but let’s face it: Putting the word “conscious” together with the word “entertainment” in advertising can have an undesired effect on nightlife-seekers in any city. Most folks, [...]