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One Track Mind: Killa Cal, “Go-Go Flow”

Standout Track: Hip-hop dominates the mixtape, but the lone go-go cut, No. 17, “Go-Go Flow,” is the showstopper. Local legends Stinky Dink and Tony Blunt rhyme with Cal on a classically conga-heavy beat made by keyboardist D-Cleve of The What? Band—Cal’s previous group until he joined Rare Essence last year. The Backyard Band’s Los was [...]

Head-Roc’s Mouth: Chocolate City Rock Stars Performing Live This Weekend

An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.
With so many events popping of in D.C. week after week, deciding what to do can be overwhelming. And though I hate to admit it, I am pretty much just using Facebook to assess what’s good in D.C. area entertainment these days. Everyone [...]

Arts Roundup: Blowoff Edition

Bob Mould talks about reconciling being an indie-rocker and a gay DJ. [Pitchfork]
David Letterman is no fan of awards shows, but he'll show up at the Kennedy Center Honors anyway. [Post]
D.C. native Rachel Grady discusses her newest documentary, Detropia. [Washingtonian]
Set your memory in motion: Watch this footage of Rare Essence's 31st anniversary concert from 2010. [TMOTTGoGo]

Six Go-Go Hits and the Songs That Sampled Them

Go-go doesn't usually grab headlines the way it has over the last two weeks. First, there was the news that Chuck Brown has been sidelined by pneumonia. And this week came word of a lawsuit against the Beastie Boys filed by TufAmerica, a group that oversees the rights to songs by Trouble Funk. The timing was [...]

Record Store Day: About That Free Rare Essence Single at Joint Custody…

Remember the Rare Essence 7-inch mentioned on Arts Desk yesterday? Adams Morgan vintage shop Joint Custody is giving away copies of a single by the classic go-go band for free, as part of its Record Store Day happenings tomorrow.
"It is just stock copies of an old Rare Essence release," writes co-owner James Ritter in an e-mail. [...]

What D.C. Shops are Doing for Record Store Day

You should visit some local music shops this Saturday, the sixth annual Record Store Day. Then again, you probably should visit a record store every weekend.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves: Record Store Day began in 2007 as a celebration of brick-and-mortar shops hoping to inspire physical trips with exclusive limited releases. This year, there'll [...]

Killa Cal + Rare Essence = Buzz

The biggest go-go bands can be like small companies: Personnel comes and goes, but the overall brand generally retains its standing. Occasionally, however, a lineup change is a Really Big Deal in go-go circles, like rapper Killa Cal's recent decision to leave the WHAT? band and take his firm verbals to Rare Essence, one of the [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang: Vol. 5

Your favorite weekly assemblage of D.C. cultural noise cannot be diminished. Put down all those fall previews and dwell in the now, baby, because if you sleep on Far Out vs. Hot Dang, you're snoozin' on life. On the left, as usual, are the mind-bogglers and the head-scratchers—as well as the sweet epiphanies and fond [...]

Junkyard Band Plans 30th Anniversary Show for August

The influential go-go outfit Junkyard Band formed 30 years ago, and like its peers Rare Essence, it's taking measure of its legacy in 2010. The latter band, we already reported, is celebrating its 31st anniversary on Sept. 11. Now Junkyard has announced its own 30th birthday show: Aug. 7 at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. Like [...]

Rare Essence Announces 31st Anniversary Show

Ready to start planning for the fall? Go-go vets Rare Essence have announced a 31st anniversary show, "Past, Present & Future Reunion," that will take place Saturday, Sept. 11 at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City. Old-school RE members such as James Funk and Donnell Floyd will be there, and they'll be paying tribute to members [...]