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ToDo ToDay: Amanda Palmer, Lucinda Williams, and Animal Collective DJs

Enjoy a no-cost photography show or pay to learn how to ask for things for free.

ToDo ToDay: Hailu Mergia, Sharon Jones, and $1 Oysters

In 1985, Hailu Mergia released a spacey solo album, Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument, which reinterpreted traditional Ethiopian accordion music. The album never took off in the States, and Mergia settled into a career as a cab driver in the D.C. area. Nearly three decades later, Brian Shimkovitz of the Awesome Tapes from Africa record [...]

ToDo ToDay: Laura Jane Grace! UkeFest! Möbius Strip!

Folk-pop band Against Me! may have scrapped a big spring tour with Bad Religion. But fans, at least on the East Coast, get something perhaps better: a mini-tour of smallish venues by frontwoman Laura Jane Grace. She’ll perform tracks from the group’s forthcoming album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, a collection of personal songs about her 2012 gender [...]