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The CBC, The Place To Be: Jazz Setlist, Sept. 25-Oct. 1

Geri Allen, Terence Blanchard, and new local sextet Eastern Standard Time take the stage.

DC Jazz Festival: A Post-Mortem

The 2012 DC Jazz Festival landed amid a perfect storm. From the opening of The Hamilton—maybe the best thing ever to happen to the festival, but more on that later—and the reopening of the Howard Theatre to the increasing confidence and imagination of CapitalBop and the accession of Jazz at the Atlas to the proliferation of [...]

Picks for the DC Jazz Festival’s Opening Weekend

The goods at this year's DC Jazz Festival are fairly evenly distributed, so you won't have to fret the usual backload. (Well, there's still MegaFest, but we'll get to that later.) There's nothing slow about opening weekend, which offers a wealth of great music.
It's a new take on an old idea: The two-week incarnations of [...]

The DC Jazz Festival’s Shorter, Stronger Calendar

Here we are again in the first week of June, when D.C. jazz brings out everything but the kitchen sink. Yup—it's festival time.
This year brings a lot of changes to the DC Jazz Festival. Its previous two-week duration has been trimmed down to 10 days (June 1-10). After regaining its signature "Jazz on the National [...]

Jazz Setlist, Sep. 22-28: The Caucus

Thursday, Sep. 22
It's the stealth jazz event of the year, the in-the-know concert that more often than not proves just how many people in this town are well-informed when it comes to jazz. Yes, every year the Congressional Black Caucus hosts its legislative conference in downtown Washington, bringing in leaders of the African-American community from [...]

Jazz Setlist, April 7-13: The Afro-French-Dutch Connection

Friday, April 8
Hey, remember about three weeks back when it was Settles Week at Twins Jazz? The only drawback to the whole thing was that we never got to see D.C. jazz's power couple, tenor saxophonist Brian Settles and vocalist Jessica Boykin-Settles, take the stage together. Well! Now's the time to correct that little oversight. [...]

RIP Steve Reid: 1944-2010

Steve Reid, a New York-based drummer who moved through several forms of African-American music while rarely straying from the cutting edge, died this morning in New York at 66 years old. The cause of death has not been reported.
Reid's professional career began at 16 as the house drummer of Harlem's Apollo Theater, with his [...]

Jazz Setlist, Oct. 29 – Nov. 5

Oct. 30
The Brooklyn-born pianist Randy Weston was reared in blues and gospel, grew up with some of bebop’s revolutionaries, and as an adult began exploring musical traditions from all across the African continent—from Somalia to Nigeria to Morocco. His vision manages to assimilate all of those sources into an insoluble whole, equally able to interact [...]