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Arts Roundup: Mumblecore and Moombahton Edition

Hello! In today's WaPo, Ann Hornaday tackles the topic of extreme realism on our big screens—what with Blue Valentine and Alamar representing "yet two more films we're seeing more of these days, which prefer vernacular that isn't the high-polish, confected characterizations and neat three-act structures of mainstream Hollywood. Instead, they follow the far messier and [...]

Arts Roundup: “RiYL: Roundups” Edition

Good morning! I need a haircuit! But I won't be getting one from this guy! Any recommendations, readers?
Here are some things I might do this weekend!
- That mind-fucking Ramin Bahrani short starring the disembodied voice of Werner Herzog as a morose plastic bag? It's showing this weekend as part of the Environmental Film Festival. RiYL: Easy [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Werner Herzog Mind-Fuck’ Edition

Good morning! Want to start your day with a mind-fuck? OK!
You can now watch Ramin Bahrani's 2009 short "Plastic Bag" (no relation to this blog's former name) for free, which you most certainly should do, since it stars the voice of Werner Herzog as an emotionally needy plastic bag. Seriously.
Last year, when I interviewed Bahrani—whose [...]