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ToDo ToDay: Impossible!, Gun Crazy, and Humble Fire

Happenstance Theater is experiencing a bout of depression. Set in 1930s America, Impossible! A Happenstance Circus poses a simple question: What’s a circus like without the funding? Gone are the brass bands, manic lions, and fear-inducing clown getups. Instead, it’s a visual showcase of skill, talent, and passion created by the performers themselves. The Happenstance team [...]

Fort Reno Opens Concert Season With Railsplitter, Beasts of No Nation

Continuing its tradition of announcing its lineup as late as possible, Fort Reno still hasn't released its summer schedule. But the venerable outdoor concert series, whom we can't stay mad at for too long, has shared its first bill. On June 27 at 7 p.m., locals Valley Tours, Railsplitter, and Beasts of No Nation will play [...]