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The Secret History of Those Radio Rahim Stickers

A few years ago it was virtually impossible to walk through one of D.C.'s commercial corridors and not see a Radio Rahim sticker–and quite a few are hanging around. As far as street visuals go, they're striking for their simplicity (white Cooper font text on a black background) as well as their apparent reference to [...]

One Track Mind: Radio Rahim’s In Full Effect

Standout Track: No. 6, Radio Rahim's vivid “Just a Passage,” in which the stentorian-voiced 27-year-old Centreville rapper and activist contrasts his respect for his family with some deep suspicions about society in general. Boston producer Confidence backs the lyrics with a loop of a bluesy guitar lick and a staunch boom-bap beat.
Musical Motivation: “I wanted it [...]

ToDo ToDay: Trojan Barbie! Filmfest DC Begins! Le Diplomate!

According to the Greek tragedians, women are, for the most part, hysterical nutjobs. This insanity is particularly resonant in Euripedes’ The Trojan Women, which features the women of Troy in agony after watching their city burn. With Trojan Barbie, playwright and new Georgetown faculty member Christine Evans has adapted the play for the 21st century. Her [...]