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ToDo ToDay: Nick Offerman, The Evens, and a Race Symposium at the D.C. JCC

"Ham" isn’t the first word you’d use to describe the comedy of Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman. He’s more about folksy, faux-masculine deadpan. When he brings the show to the Warner Theatre, he’ll deliver observations from his years in show business, plus a few references to the Parks and Rec gags that have dominated certain segments [...]

The Twitter Spat Mamet Wrought: Should Theatergoers Boycott the Gun-Lovin’ Playwright?

If you've sat within five feet of a liberal-skewing Facebook news feed this week, you've probably heard about playwright David Mamet's humdinger of a Newsweek cover story, delectably headlined "Hands Off Our Guns," that made an odd and miscalculated argument against President Obama's gun control plan. In it, the brilliant author of Glengarry Glen Ross, Speed-the-Plow, [...]

Fort Reno’s Oral History: (Dis)integration

For this week's issue, I reported a lengthy oral history of the annual concert series at Fort Reno in Tenleytown. But we couldn't fit in everything! Keep checking Arts Desk for more.
Though not always monochromatic, the crowds at Fort Reno skew white. The bands—with a few exceptions—have usually been white, too. In a city that [...]

Woolly Mammoth Clybourne Park Wins 2011 Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Who's got two thumbs and can spot a Pulitzer winner a year out?
Aight, I may be exaggerating my prognosticatin' prowess, if not the number and quality of my thumbs. But I was most enthusiastic at this time last year about Woolly's production of Clybourne Park, the sharply observed race-and-gentrification play that today snagged playwright [...]

Last-Weekend Interview: Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven

Being a young person of color and an artist in this country seems to condemn you to one of several fates: You either dwell in obscurity or in niche-market semi-obscurity, where your work is only consumed and appreciated by the people of your race. Or you get stuck pandering to mostly older, mostly white arts [...]

Meet Author Danielle Evans, Appearing Tonight at Barnes & Noble Bethesda

In her debut book Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self, Danielle Evans explores themes like youth, family, relationships, and—most prominently—race in her collection of eight short stories. The Northern Virginia native returned to the area last year after being away for the better part of ten years—first in New York City for college, [...]