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Download: PHZ-Sicks’ “Your Way”

In August, PHZ-Sicks released "SumHer Everlasting," whose relaxed, downtempo vibe paid homage to the heat and cherished a passing summer fling. This time, the Woodbridge MC brings fellow rapper Seanny Greggs and D.C. songstress Ihsan Bilal along for "Your Way," the edgy second single from the upcoming The Laws of PHZ-Sicks mixtape, slated for a [...]

Devin White Talks Debut Album, Making Pop Music in D.C.

I often write about Washington, D.C., as a saturated rap region, where everyone born after 1985 seems to rap or make beats for their friends.
And that's not to knock aspiring MCs and producers; in fact, that stubborn zeal makes the city tick. Strangely, though I'll come across the occasional pop artist, it's rare to find [...]

DMV Rap Attack: Mixtape Massacre

If it seems like it's been a quiet month for DC area rap, that's only because every last rapper in the city was waiting until today to drop their tape. First up is Kingpen Slim's long awaited The Beam Up 2. Slim has the best (and most Districty) rap voice in the District [...]

Free the Mixtape

While the recording industry is busy lamenting the death of their business model at the hands of the Internet, a number of local hip-hop artists have found a way turn this market threat into an opportunity. Free download mixtapes (which are neither mixed nor on tape, discuss...) have been catapulting artists such as Wale, Ra [...]